Pamela Richardson is a physiotherapist and certified postural care specialist. Her discovery of a successful approach being practiced in England ignited a passion to improve the quality of life for people with reduced mobility. The improvements being shown with regard to scoliosis and hip displacements were impressive. Pamela traveled to England for training with the Goldsmith’s and certification by Postural Care CIC. Her niece, Yvonne, who was afflicted with Rett Syndrome, was her first case study.  Since then, Pamela has been using supported supine lying positions with patients in the long term care facility where she works. In January 2012, Pamela co-founded Zzz-olutions Inc., with her sister, to make the training and equipment developed in England, available in Canada.

Carole Ness is a mother of four children, with a background in business and teaching. Her daughter, Yvonne, used the Clayton/Goldsmith approach to Postural Care for three years. Carole brings the parental point of view to Zzz- olutions, which she co-founded with Pamela after Yvonne passed away. She is certified in the Postural Care Measurement Course and has a particular interest in protecting body shape with the use of night time positioning.