Postural Care courses

Course materials and content are copyright property of SSW Associates and taught by Pamela Richardson pht., Postural Care CIC accredited tutor in Canada.

Course description

For people with reduced mobility, the positions in which they sleep can be destructive. People with reduced mobility spend a lot of time in bed. A supported night time posture can use the hours of sleep constructively.

This course teaches how to identify destructive postures, the bio-mechanical forces at play and how to use these same forces for prevention and correction of body shape. Courses are designed for therapists, care-givers and family members. The Postural Care courses are accredited by the Open College Network, Great Britain.

Course Content

The course participants will:

  • Identify the need for night time positioning
  • Understand how to assess the client profile before implementing night time positioning
  • Learn how to use objective measures to document patient progress
  • Practice the technique of night time positioning and experience night time positioning
  • Discuss individualized intervention plans and the teaching of care givers or family members
  • When possible a positioning clinic with clients

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